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No Longer a Seller's Market

We are halfway through 2019 and what a ride it's been so far for Boston real estate. As fiscal Q2 has come to an end, some interesting data should be examined when compared to 2018. The big thing to report (which certainly has caused "Seller Anxiety") is the Days to Offer (DTO).  The DTO is up 18%.  Also, the Sale Price as % of Original List Price is down 8.1% from 2018! This simply means that things are sitting longer, supply levels are higher, and properties are selling at about 1% below original asking. However, the good news for Sellers is that the average sale price per square foot AND average sale price is up from 2018. As a result, sellers will have to be patient and are probably less likely to get in a bidding war. See Boston condo data below:

Data compliments of The Goodrich Team