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We Are All Bostonians

Make no doubt about it- this is very personal. I grew up in a small town on the south shore of Boston. Starting in my early teens, however, I attended schools in and around Boston. Later as a young woman I worked in Boston. So over the years I came to know Boston very well, having lived in many different apartments scattered in and around Beacon Hill, The South End, and my favorite neighborhood- The Back Bay. Some of these were just around the corner from yesterday’s devastating and cowardly bombings. My memories of the Boston Marathon also span many years, over which time the event developed sponsorship, attracted more runners and became a world class event.

During my lifetime I’ve seen Boston itself evolve from a city that was run down, rife with crime, in need of infrastructure repair and an improved sense of itself- to the incredible transformation we see today. Much of this is due to the “coming of age” of the Boston Marathon. Also largely due to the stewardship of Mayor Menino and Govenor Patrick in recent years; and to investors in the fields of technology, health care, sports, the arts, hospitality and real estate development. And our history, culture and architecture are uniquely Boston.

I’m proud to be from Boston. Everyone I know who grew up in and around Boston is a proud Bostonian. People I know who arrived in Boston years ago chose to remain here. We are now a world class city, yet a city with a heart and personality “in spades.” Boston now competes at all levels for people who want to come here to live and work. Throughout the world people have great fondness for Boston because once one visits- Boston and Bostonians are impossible to forget.

If you feel you want to help start with donating blood. Look into the neighborhoods surrounding Boston for other avenues to help and donate your time and efforts. South Boston, East Boston, Beacon Hill, The South End, Dorchester, Mattapan and Roxbury will all have help centers in the days to come.

Bless us and keep us all Bostonians!Boston bombings