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Time For a New Anti Trust Legislation: Breaking up the Big Four

Rarely do I Blog on issues outside of real estate. However, the recent talk by Scott Gallaway, professor of marketing at NYU presents a compelling case for new anti trust legislation. Whether it's transportation, communication or any other modern commerce, Galloway's point goes directly to the disruption of the American culture. 

In a more pronounced addition to his original position: The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and GoogleGalloway's updated argument is these companies hold too much power. That it's time for them to both be broken up and take on more responsibility to protect the over 80% of American citizens who use these platforms.

Botton line: Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google own us, They not only own our wallets, they own our minds. No matter our political leanings, consumers purchasing goods and services from these and other companies have been unknowingly influenced by a disruptive foreign entity. The 2016 book by Malcolm Nance supports Galloway's premise,, where he states 'the American mindset has been hijacked through the disemination of Fake News. Today it's the Kremlin, tomorrow- who knows?'

Today's indictment of 13 Russians by Robert Muller clearly demonstrates nefarious intention and proven disruption that directly influenced the 2016 election.

The reasons for breakup of the big four global companies? Same as any other anti trust ruling in past: to eliminate monopolies and cartels. The benefits to society? Create a more open and competitive marketplace with better opportunites for the middle class. I agree with Galloway and Nance, and believe the benefits would go much further in freeing the American mindset.

The link below provides Galloway's argument. I invite you to read Nance's book.