Proven Excellence

Lesley Palmiter’s new brokerage offers the highest standards of excellence in real estate transaction and consulting. A depth and breadth of experience, professionalism, and client dedication distinguishes Lesley from the competition.

In addition, an unwavering attention to detail and follow through results in successful relationships and problem-free closings. To exceed the clients’ expectations, the following are the benchmarks by which Lesley Palmiter Real Estate fulfills its mandate.

Experience in real estate is only derived from managing hundreds of successful transactions. Exposure to the myriad situations that arise in the business of selling real estate is the best educator. And it’s only through extensive experience that an agent is able to develop strong negotiation skills.

Education and Training are both essential and available to all real estate agents. The longer the agent’s career, the more education and training they’ve received. However, an excellent agent goes far beyond the minimal requirements for license renewal. And they take frequent advantage of these valuable educational opportunities.

Knowledge is a result of experience, education and training, and it brings a command of the issues involved in real estate transaction. Many external forces such as federal and state regulations, lending requirements, building codes, permitting issues, environmental and others concerns- constrain the transaction process. An outstanding agent demonstrates a mastery of all the skills gained through their experience, training and knowledge.

Client focus is one of the most essential attributes possessed by a superior agent. It is the driving force that coalesces these basic elements with a desire to excel on behalf of their client. The agent’s job is to inform, advocate, be available, and at all times- put the client’s needs first. All with the goal of a seamless and timely transaction.

Best practices are adopted by the exceptional agent as a result of all the above. It also presupposes exceeding the basic requirements- all the time. A pro-active approach by a superior agent mitigates problems before they arise, which might otherwise cause financial harm and closing delays. In sum, all this with thorough communication and follow up results in the difference between a successful sale and a lost opportunity. Best practice attributes distinguish an exceptional agent from the average.